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Welcome to the "Wasted LPS" support page! We hope you are enjoying your experience.


If you're having any difficulties please view our FAQ below to see if your question is answered. If your question is not answered please contact and put LPS in the subject of your email. Cheer!

1. What is LPS?

LPS stands for Long Player Stream. The application works as a new listening format where a fan can encounter a more engaging experience with their favorite song. In the future, LPS will work as a central hub where fans can get discounts on merch and get exclusive releases.

2. I can't hear anything even though it says to turn my sound on! What do I do?

Make sure your phone is not in silent mode. If you are still experiencing difficulties with sound please try downloading the app again. 

3. How do I move around in the game?

If you are playing the game on you phone, use the control pad on the bottom left corner. Hold the control pad down and move in the direction you would like to move in. There is a jump button on the bottom right corner. To exit the game hit the "QUIT" button on the top right corner.  

For Mac and PC use the arrows on your keypad to move around and space bar to jump.

4. The app is laggy on my phone, how do I fix it?

We ask that you only play the game on your phone if you are using iOS or Android operating systems. Google phones (like the Pixel) do not work well with this app. We ask that you please play the computer version in the meantime. 

5. Will there be more rooms in the future?

Yes! There will be new rooms and games in the future. We are working on ways for you to play with your friends and embeds into other games like Animal Crossing, The Sims, Roblox, etc...

6. I have some ideas for LPS, who should I contact?

Love to hear them! Please email us at and put LPS in the subject. Appreciate the help!

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